Europe as a project. Being protagonist of our future - S. Sangalli

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...ROJECT . FOR EUROPE. A PROJECT FOR EUROPE ... Top 10 Jobs in 2030: Skills You Should Be Developing ... ... . ... that will have far-reaching consequences for the future of the Union. Europe is facing a severe global economic downturn that is, without a . doubt, ... And it is a challenge for our country, which has stood out The Future of Europe ... This Strategic Dialogue served as a precursor and idea incubator leading up to a future Concordia Summit to be held in Europe in ... Precious Moments of Being ... And the ... PDF EU BUDGET FOR THE FUTURE - European Commission ... ... Precious Moments of Being ... And the Hungarian lady, in all possibility, saw herself as a European in Europe, being abused by a foreigner. Most Europeans living in Britain probably thought they were in a country full of ... In fact, citizens have been missing from the future of Europe debate from the very beginning, despite the aim of the debate to "advance our project in the interests of our citizens". Yet, digital technologies and platforms present a unique opportunity to transform the relationship between governors and the governed into more of a partnership and to build mechanisms of participatory democracy. for the well-being of our people, for the role that Europe will need to play in an increasingly multipolar world. A united Europe at 27 needs to shape its own destiny and carve out a vision for its own future. This White Paper is the European Commission's contribution to this new chapter of the European project. The Future of Wind Power. Wind energy is a clean, renewable way of generating electricity (See close-up "Harnessing the Wind"). In the future, provided costs are reined in, the primary focus will be offshore development. In the paper presented today, BusinessEurope and its member federations aim at demonstrating their commitment to the European project and the common European values, developing a number of elements that business believes are necessary to build a Europe that is closer to its citizens, that is able to create a vision for the future, and that delivers concrete benefits along the way. The future of Europe 3 The future of Europe remains delicately poised. Whilst the feeling at the 2013 World Economic Forum in Davos was that the worst of the crisis was over, growth prospects for 2013 look very weak. The European Central Bank (ECB) is forecasting a contraction of -0.5% across the eurozone in STEM job opportunities are being created at a much faster rate than students can graduate to fill them." Of course, humanities students should not abandon their love for the arts, as key to a student's future success and happiness is the pursuit of a career they enjoy. Thought bubble of various ideas from Future of Europe Film group. The Make Film, Make History project is definitely a challenge for me. I am sure our group will have disputes, there will be ... We elevate fresh voices from the front lines of change, sharing the perspectives of those directly affected by public policies. These are the voices we bring to the table, as we demand solutions. The findings have important implications for the debate on Europe's future. There is a reservoir of support among the public and the elite for a union based on solidarity. For example, 77% of the elite and 50% of the public think that richer member states should financially support poorer member states, while only 12% of the elite and 18% of the public disagree. The Future of Cars Could Be Solar By Brooke Nally | 5.2.16 With the prices of solar and electric vehicle (EV) batteries predicted to continue falling even as the cost of fossil fuels rises, many industry experts — including Tony Seba, author of "Solar Trillions" — are forecasting the inevitable rise of solar power in consumer and industrial markets....