World and global history. Research and teaching - Susanna Tavera

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...arning from the time period of 2000-2015 ... English Language Learners - ... . We found six main research trends related to world history: Eurocentrism in curriculum and classrooms, identity formation, global citizenship, chronological understanding, habits of mind, and standards and accountability. One of the challenges of teaching a global world history course is developing final assessments that are on the right scale. Since world history units typically include several regions and centuries, end of unit, semester, or year projects should allow students to show what they have learned about connections between particular events and larger global patterns. World history, however, is more comple ... Teaching Teachers of World History | Perspectives on ... ... . World history, however, is more complex than national or regional histories, because it addresses how humans all over the world successfully manipulated the environment to grow in population and power, but also were diminished at times by environmental forces out of their control.2 Geyer and Bright emphasize that since the current globalized world is the result of much integration over time ... Research numerous resources on the world history topics! In Central and Western Europe, the Iron Age is taken to last from c. 800 BC to c. 1 BC, in Northern Europe from c. 500 BC to 800 AD. A Most Pressing Challenge: Preparing Teachers of World History Robert Bain and Lauren McArthur Harris | Oct 1, 2009 Editor's Note: The editorial board of Perspectives on History decided that the arguments advanced by the authors of the following essay were important enough to warrant a thorough and comprehensive debate of the various issues involved in a forum. The Journal of Global History aims to be the leading scholarly outlet for comparative and connective accounts of world historical significance. JGH publishes articles that examine structures, processes and theories of global change, inequality and stability, as well as articles focusing on smaller scales that are in keeping with, or transcend, the boundarie...