Opening the european box. Towards a new sociology of Europe - L. Leonardi

ISBN 9788884535948

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Esiste una società europea? Come definire una società con dei confini variabili? Studiare l'Europa dal punto di vista sociologico vuol dire studiare l'Unione Europea o una formazione sociale più ampia? Il processo di europeizzazione in corso pone alla sociologia nuove sfide sul piano teorico ed empirico, evidenziando l'inadeguatezza degli strumenti concettuali e metodologici di cui dispone per comprendere i fenomeni sociali che si producono a livello europeo. Il libro raccoglie i saggi di autorevoli studiosi, italiani e stranieri, di differente estrazione disciplinare, offrendo spunti di riflessione molteplici sui nuovi punti di vista teorici e metodologici con cui possiamo accingerci a studiare i fenomeni politici, sociali, culturali ed economici che caratterizzano attualmente l'Europa.

...o making connections between separate fields ... Sociology, Institutionalism and the European Union ... . Now it sometimes even results in me reading something I would never otherwise have encountered. History of Europe - History of Europe - Revolution and the growth of industrial society, 1789-1914: Developments in 19th-century Europe are bounded by two great events. The French Revolution broke out in 1789, and its effects reverberated throughout much of Europe for many decades. World War I began in 1914. Its inception r ... Opening the european box. Towards a new sociology of ... ... . World War I began in 1914. Its inception resulted from many trends in European society, culture, and diplomacy ... Economics & Sociology, Vol. 3, No 1, 2010 87 Attitude Towards S Dainora Grundey Kaunas Faculty of Humanities Vilnius University Muitines g. 8, LT 42280 Kaunas Lithuania FUNCTIONALITY OF PRODUCT PACKAGING: SURVEYING CONSUMERS' ATTITUDE TOWARDS SELECTED COSMETIC BRANDSi ABSTRACT. The paper reviews the functions of product The European Court of Human Rights holds that the right to choose the way and the timing of one's death is not granted by art. 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Focusing on a number of exemplary studies on the question of democratic legitimacy in the EU using each of these approaches, it offers a preliminary attempt to map their agendas, contributions, and blind spots, moving towards a synthesis that might identify commonalities and streamline a more coherent agenda for the political sociology of the European Union. European Union (EU) studies are dominated by a narrow form of institutionalism. The focus on formal organizations and asocial norms begs for a more sociological approach to the EU that would ... At the current time, more and more is being written about relations between Turkey and the European Union, with the heated debate surrounding Turkey's accession to the EU generating an abundance of articles and papers defending or condemning its candidacy. When considering the candidacy issue, scientific production mainly tends to use a description of the institutional history of the ... Sociology and International Relations: Legacies and Prospects May 2009 Abstract While sociological concepts have often been implicitly used in International Relations (IR), recent years have seen a more explicit engagement between IR and Sociology. From constructivist debates about structure-agency, identity formation and constitutive causation to RN07 - Sociology of Culture; Close . RN01 - Ageing in Europe. RN02 ... from almost all traditions of European Sociology. ... but instead we advocate that culture should be used as a tool-box for exploring the connections between everyday life and practices of communication, ... The Historical and Political Sociology of the European Union: A Uniquely French Methodological Approach Article (PDF Available) in French Politics 7(3-4):437-455 · September 2009 with 75 Reads...