Simon Starling - Dieter Roelstraete

ISBN 9780714864198
AUTRICE/AUTORE Dieter Roelstraete

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Puoi scaricare il libro Simon Starling in formato pdf epub previa registrazione gratuita named "Simon Starling", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities ... 'Five-Man Pedersen (Prototype No.1)', Simon Starling, 2003 ... ... . Simon Starling: A-Z. Ediz. illustrata è un libro di Simon Starling pubblicato da Mousse Publishing : acquista su IBS a 19.00€! Simon Starling, in collaboration with (costume) Kumi Sakurai and Atelier Hinode and (stand) Simon Hopkins/Scott Associates Sculpture and Design, Glasgow: At Twilight: The Guardian of the Well ... Simon Starling . The Turner-Prize-winning artist's first comprehensive monograph. Survey ... Simon Starling, l'arte del fare in mostra a Torino ... ... Simon Starling . The Turner-Prize-winning artist's first comprehensive monograph. Survey by Dieter Roelstraete, Interview by Francesco Manacorda, Focus by Janet Harbord, Writings by Simon Starling. Editions: Price: USD$49.95. This title is not available. ABOUT THE BOOK; ABOUT ... Simon Starling is fascinated by the origins of materials and the processes by which they come to be developed and transformed into things. His works involve historical connections between the activities of discoverers, designers and artists, which he traces back and forth through time, following the processes of things being made from conception to completion. Simon Starling's new show,A-A', B-B', is on display at The Modern Institute in Glasgow until 9 November 2019. Life "Wherever any of us have been wounded, if we dive into what those wounds are, if we go down into and do the hard work within those wounds, we'll actually find ourselves, we'll find our real giftedness, a sincere, true giftedness." Simon Starling Art Funded 2005 Dimensions 170 x 224 x 62 cm Vendor The Modern Institute. The viewer is first confronted by a familiar bicycle with an odd home made 'engine' in a vitrine which immediately conveys a sense of preciousness. The back of the vitrine has a watercolour of a cactus. Simon Starling (Epsom, 1967) vive e lavora a Copenaghen. Ha vinto il Turner Prize nel 2005 ed è stato selezionato per il premio Hugo Boss nel 2004. Il suo lavoro è stato oggetto di esposizioni personali presso istituzioni pubbliche e private internazionali, tra le quali: Frac Ile-de-France, ... A Torino, Starling e Noero mettono in scena un inedito cortocircuito di corrispondenze tra luoghi architettonici e memoria. Testo Marcella Beccaria. Foto Tommaso Buzzi....