Since its formation in 2007, the Climate Action Compact has been instrumental in establishing a suite of cost-effective, community-based climate protection projects, including:
  • Monterey Bay Carbon Fund generated $410K in funding to install two local Solar for Schools projects
  • Monterey Bay Community Power, a Community Choice Aggregation Program, would allows cities and counties to pool their residential, business and municipal electricity loads, and to purchase power (and/or generate it) on their behalf
  • Secured California Energy Commission grant funds for developing and implementing the statewide Energy Upgrade California whole home retrofit program
  • Three electric vehicle charging stations have been installed as a result of the Compact’s RFP to members
  • A Green Building Task Force and Green Building Ordinance template were created
  • Expanded access to Zipcar (a car share program) in the greater Santa Cruz community
  • Semi-annual Regional Climate Change Summits have brought together community leaders, residents and businesses to participate in a dialog about climate change and our region’s response to the challenge