A Price on Carbon: California’s Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions


CAC/CLL Webinar - A Price on Carbon: California's Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions

From 1 pm until 2:30 pm


On Tuesday, September 11th, the Compact and Citizens' Climate Lobby(CCL) will host a free webinar panel to coincide with the Global Climate Action Summit. This webinar is part of an annual educational webinar series hosted on an ongoing basis by the Compact, bringing a variety of climate related programs, issues and best practices to our region to support our local and global climate objectives. 

The webinar "A Price on Carbon: Practical Applications Driving Down Carbon Emissions in California" will focus on direct carbon pricing as a means to reducing emissions, how carbon pricing impacts local and regional economic development, and what the implications are for low-income households. The panel will share working solutions in California and a snapshot of the challenges, common features, issues, and trends. in putting theory into practice. 

The webinar is free and open to the public. Please keep an eye out for webinar details in a future Compact newsletter!


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