A Carbon Price is Right: California’s Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions


CAC/CLL Webinar - A Carbon Price is Right: California's Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions

From 1 pm until 2:30 pm


On Tuesday, September 11th, the Compact and Citizens' Climate Lobby(CCL - Santa Cruz) will host a free webinar panel to coincide with the Global Climate Action Summit. This webinar is part of an annual educational webinar series hosted on an ongoing basis by the Compact, bringing a variety of climate related programs, issues and best practices to our region to support our local and global climate objectives. 

The webinar "A Carbon Price is Right: California's Drive to Reduce Carbon Emissions" will focus on direct carbon pricing as a means to reducing emissions, how carbon pricing impacts local and regional economic development, and what the implications are for low-income households. The panel will share working solutions in California and a snapshot of the challenges, common features, issues, and trends. in putting theory into practice. 

The webinar is free and open to the public. Please keep an eye out for webinar details in a future Compact newsletter!

Speakers include:

Katelyn Roedner Sutter

Senior Analyst, Climate Policy

Katelyn works with the California climate team to advocate for legislation and administrative policies to establish and implement long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions and improve local air quality.

Katelyn has worked on environmental justice issues in California’s San Joaquin Valley focusing on air quality, climate change, and local land use. She has led coalition work to advocate for policy change, lobbied lawmakers on behalf of rural and environmental justice communities in California, and worked with faith communities to spur action on climate change.

Tiffany Wise-West

Sustainability & Climate Action Manager, City of Santa Cruz

Dr. Tiffany Wise-West is the Sustainability and Climate Action Manager for the City of Santa Cruz. She is a licensed professional civil engineer and LEED associate professional with over 20 years of experience in municipal planning, infrastructure and programming. Dr. Wise-West complements her technical skill set with policy, regulatory, and economic expertise in the areas of climate resilience, energy, and sustainability. Drawing on her interest in innovation and education, she specializes in collaborating across public, private and academic sectors to deliver award winning and impactful emissions mitigation and climate adaptation policies, projects and programs.


Max Henrion

CEO & Founder, Lumina Decision Systems

Max is passionate about building software tools to illuminate practical paths to a sustainable future. He is the CEO and Founder of Lumina Decision Systems. Lumina creates models to evaluate policies for energy, environment, and climate change using its Analytica software. Analytica users include the California Air Resources Board, CPUC, US EPA, Department of Energy, and the World Bank. Max was previously a Professor in Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He has published three books and 70 articles on risk and decision making, energy, and the environment. He has a BA in Natural Science from Cambridge and PhD from Carnegie Mellon. A former Brit, Max has enjoyed living in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over 20 years.


Brennen Jensen – Moderator

Director/Principal, Emerging Ecologies

Brennen leads Emerging Ecologies’ mission to create sustainable, engaged and resilient communities inspired by nature. Her work is concentrated in the fields of renewable energy, zero waste and biomimicry as localized and scalable climate solutions for a better world. Brennen has a MS in Biomimicry from Arizona State University and the Biomimicry Institute, a BS in Environmental Science Technology with concentrations in Landscape Ecosystems and Wilderness Conservation and a BA in Spanish from Humboldt State University. With a background in government, private and non-profit organizations, Brennen has a cooperative facilitative approach that seeks to find creative solutions to complex problems, while expanding localized opportunities for waste, energy and emissions reduction throughout California and beyond. Brennen serves as Co-Chair of the Monterey Bay Climate Action Compact – a consortium of 21 local governments of the Monterey Bay tri-county area, along with business, non-profits and educational institutions who have come together to take meaningful action against the cause and impacts of climate change. In 2017, Brennen was awarded the Berta Cáceras Award for Environmental Justice by Romero Institute for the Compact’s integral role in the formation of Monterey Bay Community Power.

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