The Monterey Bay Regional Climate Action Compact is an action network of government agencies, educational institutions, private businesses, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations who are committed to working collaboratively to address the causes and effects of global climate change through local initiatives that focus on economic vitality and reduce environmental impacts for the region.

Climate Action Compact partners develop and implement initiatives that focus on accomplishing these primary objectives:

  1. Regional Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  2. Economic Development, Job Creation/Retention
  3. Climate Change Awareness and Education
  4. Strategic Climate Change Adaptation

The Climate Action Compact is currently organized and staffed by Blue Strike Environmental and Emerging Ecologies


  • Primary role in the formation of Monterey Bay Community Power
  • Monterey Bay Carbon Fund has installed two local Solar for Schools projects
  • Commercial and residential energy efficiency
  • Three electric Vehicle charging stations have been installed as a result of the Compact’s RFP to members.
  • Regional Climate Action Summit
  • MBRCAC 2013-2016 Achievement Report


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